Division of Laguna

District of Paete


Paete, Laguna






††††††††††† We envision a school where pupils can read and comprehend, express their thoughts orally and in written, academically and sports competent with self discipline, integrity, love and respect for oneself and others, and FAITH IN GOD.






To develop learners reading, comprehension, speaking and playing skills, by providing them different learning activities suited to their abilities.

To strengthen pupilís values through education and guidance, involving good examples to produce pupils full of values and God loving.





  1. Equip pupils and students with the necessary reading materials as a source of knowledge for writing.
  2. Assist struggling learners in all grade levels in order to improve their reading and writing skills.
  3. Strengthen instruction in the 3 subjects English, Science and Mathematics.
  4. Strengthen instruction in all learning areas and assess the competence of students in tests based on BEC program.
  5. Enhance teachersí awareness of the school for urgent action.
  6. Enhance the skills of potential/qualified athletes for a better performance, participation without affecting the academic standing.
  7. Provides students with practical experience and know how in the four areas of EPP/TLE while developing their leadership abilities and building wholesome character to strengthen national competitiveness and productivity.
  8. Institutionalize the CFSS Movement and document its best practices.
  9. Enhance the capacity of high school entrants to benefit from the first yeat curriculum.
  10. Develop competent student leaders in Mathematics through discoveries and investigation.
  11. Update the teachers on the recent thrusts and trends of the BEC.
  12. Enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of instruction with the use of instructional materials.
  13. Expose teachers and learners on computer technology.
  14. Improve the teachersí pronunciation of words, enunciation, blending, intonation, etc. in English.
  15. Re-orient teachers on how to utilize effectively the Division Makabayan Matrix on MSEP.
  16. Provides hands on training practicum to improve the facilitating skills using different strategies and techniques.
  17. Enhance the schools in the use of laboratory apparatuses for experiment and practical work approach.
  18. Encourage the involvement of parents, communities, NGOís and LGUís to undertake the school building repairs, beautification of the school campuses, for the opening of classes.
  19. Equip learners with skills that will enable them to generate income to meet their basic needs.
  20. Equip teachers and school heads with basic training for competency and leadership.
  21. Enhance teachersí competence in teaching English.
  22. Utilize, analyze, and interpret test results for improvement of instruction.
  23. Establish the Psycho-educational assessment conference, meetings in special education and in individual teaching.
  24. Enhance the writing skills of fast learners for effective participation in Campus Journalism.
  25. Prepare up to date accurate and relevant data for policy-making decisions






  1. Project PCRI: (Perception, Comprehension, Reaction, Integration of Reading in learnersí background of experiences.
  2. Operation STARS ( Student At Risks): Catch them early toward reading recovery.
  3. Project ENSCIMA ( English Science and Math)
  4. Project STEP (Systematized Testing Program)
  5. Project RIA (Research In Action)
  6. GAMES (Goals Are Manifestation of Efforts for Satisfaction)
  7. STEP (Student Technologists and Entrepreneurs of the Philippines)
  8. CFSS (Child Friendly School System)
  9. Early Childhood Care and Development Program
  10. Bridge Program
  11. Math Wizards Program.
  12. IEPís (Individualized Education Plan)
  13. Project ESTEEM (Enrich Skills of Teachers in Enhancing Educational Management.
  14. VIA (Visual Instructional Aides)
  15. TEXT (Technology Exposure and Training)
  16. SIT (Speech Improvement Traning
  17. Four Mís (Makabayan Matrix for MAPEH and MSEP)
  18. Angat (Acees to New Generation And Applied Technology Techniques)
  19. SLCS (Science Laboratory in Central School)
  20. Brigada Eskwela
  21. Project BOLD (Barangay Operation for Livelihood Development)
  22. SBT/ISIP (School Based Training and Intensive Instructional Supervision and Improvement Program)
  23. Project INSETTE (Inservice Training for teachers in English)
  24. PAR (Progress through Assessment and Research)
  25. BEAM (Batang Espesyal Ating Minamahal)
  26. FLCW (Fast Learners As Campus Writers)
  27. EMIS (Education Management Information System.




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Principal II†††††††