Republic of the Philippines



Division of Laguna


Paete, Laguna










Schools First Initiative

(SFI) Package


a. Enhancement of Learning




1. Project PCRI: (Perception, Comprehension, reaction, Integration of Reading in learners background of experiences.)




      Equip pupils and students with the necessary reading materials as a source of knowledge for writing.




      Profiling of readers.

      Use of PHIL-IRI and other diagnostic tools.

      Developmental reading with evaluation and assessment.

      Establishing Reading and Writing connection.

      Putting up a Mini-Library in every room.

      Developing a training model to enhance teachers competence in teaching readers.





      All grade levels, English and Filipino Teachers.




      Reading performance to have increased by at least 2%.

      Developed writing ability based on reading performance.

      A Mini-Library in every room.



2. Operation STARS (Student-at-Risk): Catch them early toward Reading Recovery.


      Assist struggling learners in all grade levels in order to improve their reading and writing skills.


      Phonemic awareness


      Vocabulary development





      Grade I VI pupils.


      Number and percentage of non-readers decreased by at least 75% if not totally eradicated.



3. Project ENSCIMA (English, Science and Math)


      Strengthen instruction in the 3 subjects Englis, Science and Mathematics.


      Diagnostics Tests in 3 subjects.

      Utilization of test results

      Demonstration Teaching.

      Holding of LAC Sessions.

      School /district based in service trainings.



      Grade III VI pupils


      Improved pupils performance in the three learning areas by at least5.



4. Project STEP (Systematized Testing Program).


      Strengthen instruction in all learning areas and assess the competence of students in tests based on BEC Program.


      Preparation / administration and analysis of diagnostic, periodical and achievement tests.


      District Trainors, Master Teachers, Key Teachers


      Increased achievement rate of learners by at least 2%.

      Reliable and valid tests to measure the learners competency.




5. Project RIA (Research In Action)


      Enhance Teachers awareness of the school for urgent action.



      Training of Key Teachers and Master Teachers in the preparation of action research.


      Master Teachers

      50% of Master Teachers and School heads shall have prepared action plans.



6. GAMES (Goals are Manifestations of Efforts for Satisfaction)


      Enhance the skills of potential / qualified athletes for a better performance / participation without affecting the academic standing.



      Conduct try-outs to identify ones inclination to specific sports event including their strengths and weaknesses.


      Pupils, Students, Coaches


      50% of pupils and students in respective schools shall have undergone try-outs.



7. STEP (Student Technologists and Entrepreneurs of the Philippines).


      Provides students with practical experience and know-how in the 4 areas of EPP / TLE while developing their leadership abilities and building wholesome character to strengthen national competitiveness and productivity.


      Organization of STEP among pupils enrolled in EPP / TLE.

      Holding of STEP election by school

      Conduct skills contest in home Economics and Entrep.



      Pupils, students, H.E. Teachers, LAHETA Representative


      Learning experiences among pupils / students in Home Economics and Entrep. Become profitable.



8. CFSS (Child Friendly School System).


      Institutionalize the CFSS Movement and document its best practices.



      Demonstration teaching

      Institutionalization and documentation of the best practices of the CFSS.





      CFSS shall have beeninstitutionalized and documents of best practices shall have been prepared.



9. Early Childhood Care and Development Program


      Provide home-to-school transition and readiness experiences through the 8 week curriculum.



      Eight-week Curriculum


      Grade pupils


      Readiness skills of at least 85% of grade pupils developed and enhanced.



10. Bridge Program


Enhance the capacity of high school entrants to benefit from the first year curriculum.


      Use of different teaching modes with teacher and facilitator to address different needs of the students and teaching materials used.



      Students who fall short of the national mean of 30%in the three subject areas English, Math and Science.


      Students should have met prerequisite knowledge necessary to go into the first year curriculum.



11. Math Wizards Program


      Develop competent student leaders in Mathematics through discoveries and investigation.


      Double exposure to Mathematics instructions.

      Mathematical investigation

      Organization of Math Club

      Utilization of Math Garden


      Key Teachers in Math

      Math Trainors

      Math Experts



      Well improves performance in Mathematics.

      Mastery of Math skills and concepts.










12. Project ESTEEM (Enrich Skills of Teachers in Enhancing Educational Management.


      Update the teachers on the recent thrusts and trends of the BEC.


      Quarterly Conferences

      Training Workshops

      Monitoring and Supervisions

      Observation of classes.




      Updated the knowledge and information on the recent thrusts and trends of the BEC.


B. More Resources For Learning.


1. VIA (Visual Instructional Aids).


      Enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of instruction with the use of instructional materials.



      Production of instructional materials for all grade / year levels.





      Achievement levels of pupils and students shall have been increased by 5%.



2. TEXT (Technology Exposure and Training).


      Expose Teachers and Learners on computer technology.


      Training of teachers and learners on computer technology.

      Utilization of computer assisted instruction in the school.



      Teachers and students/pupils


      Computer Technology assisted shall have been rendered to 755 of teachers and learners.



3. SIT Speech Improvement Training.


      Improve the teachers pronunciation of words, enunciation, blending, intonation, etc. in English.


      Training of teachers in English, Math and Science for oral production of sounds and practice on speech improvement.



      Teachers in English, Science and Math.


      Improved speaking ability of teachers with proper pronunciation of words for effective communication.



4. Four Ms (Makabayan matrix for MAPEH and MSEP)


Re-orient Teachers on how to utilize effectively the Division Makabayan matrix on MAPEHand MSEP.


      Re-orientation on the utilization of the Makabayan Matrix.


      MSEP Teachers


      Prototype Modules for four grading periods shall have been prepared, validated and distributed to the field.



5. ANGAT (Access to New Generation and Applied Technology Techniques).


      Provides Hands-On training practicum to improve the facilitating skills using different strategies and techniques.



      Hand-on training-workshop.


      NFE Implementors


      Produced modern teaching aids / materials.



6. SLCS Science Laboratory in Central School.


      Enhance the schools in the use of laboratory apparatuses for experiment and practical work approach.



      Purchases of Laboratory Equipment.


      Science Teachers


      Acquired laboratory equipment in every school.

      Functional Science laboratory.



7. Brigada Eskwela


      Encourage the involvement of parents, communities, NGOs and LGUs to undertake the school building repairs, beautification of the school campuses, for the opening of classes.



      Enhance the schools in the use of laboratory apparatuses for experiment and practical work approach.


      Enhance the schools in the use of laboratory apparatuses for experiment and practical work approach.


      Enhance the schools in the use of laboratory apparatuses for experiment and practical work approach.



8. Project BOLD (Barangay Operation for Livelihood Development)


      Equip learners with skills that will enable them to generate income to meet their basic needs.


      Networking with TLRC.


      Trainings / Workshop

      Entrepreneurship Training



      OSYs and Adults


      Learners were equipped with knowledge to generate income by 80%.


C. Focused Organization

For Learning


1. SBT / ISIP (School Based Training and Intensive Instructional Supervision and Improvement Program.



      Equip Teachers and school heads with basic training for competency and leadership.


Training, Seminar-Workshop, SLAC, DISLAC Peer Coaching, Demonstration Teaching.




      Developed teachers teaching skills and instructional supervision of school heads.



2. Project INSETTE (Inservice Training For Teachers in English).


      Enhance Teachers competence in teaching English.


      Tapping outstanding teachers to do demo teaching.




      85% of the 32,676 teachers to have been retooled in teaching English.




3. PAR (Progress through assessment and Research).


      Utilize, analyze, and interpret test results for improvement of instruction.


      Conduct diagnostic, periodic, and achievement tests followed by analysis, interpretation and utilization of test results.



      Teachers and Pupils.


      Prepared intervention programs and effective educational plans based on the results of monitoring and evaluation.



4. BEAM (Batang Espesyal Ating Minamahal


      Establish the Psycho-Educational Assessment Conference, Meeting in Special Education Individual Teaching



      Training, Seminar-Workshops in SPED


      SPEDs Teachers


      At least 70% of SPED Teachers are trained

      Fast learners classes are organized in all grade level.



5. FLCW (Fast Learners as Campus Writers)


      Enhance the writing skills of fast learners for effective participation in Campus Journalism



      Conducting training, coaching in Campus Journalism


      All Fast Learners from Grades I to VI


      Skilled Campus Writers.



6. EMIS (Education Management Information System


      Prepare up-to-date accurate and relevant data for policy-making decisions


      Maintenance of Basic Education Information System

      Encoding and processing of basic education data



      Master Teachers


      Prepared accurate and relevant data


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